Our House #340 - GOAL $ 100,000

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After long months of waiting, finally last July 17 Jesus is OPC True using Kittykats Escorts changed me, it finished the local buy where it will be its own meetings place. We are grateful to God singles near me for this achievement in our brief history. Also to OPC They Praise Fund for his patience during this long unusual process in the states of the union at CambridgeEscorts69.

When we were preparing ourselves to initiate the works of reshaping of the building women looking for sex, two members of our escorts in Surrey gathering threw the challenge and offering of which if we were managing to assemble $ 100,000, with sex-sofa.com they would complete the rest of the costs for completely new construction. Preliminarmente the costs for the new building of two apartments, moderated below and lounges it arrives, is calculated in $ 200,000 with Lincolnshire escorts.  

They have not touched us the best times of the economy for this project, but the church is filled with enthusiasm and entrusted that the Gentleman is powerful to provide us more abundantly than we ask and understand with Night Escorts. The Committee Pro-Fondos Pro-Templo has initiated a series of activities of collection to complete $ 50,000 that we lack.  

Meanwhile, already we have realized a series of gestations with the government agencies, achieving the corresponding permissions for the installation of utilities and use of the property.  

The biggest challenge is ahead. Together we will achieve it.

“In God we will do prowesses.” Psalm 60:12

- $100,000. Goal

After waiting for long months, finally last July 17th Jesus is OPC True, purchased the building that will become their meeting pleases. We plows grateful to God for this achievement in our brief historyAlso to the OPC Loan Fund for their patience during this prolong process so unusual in the states of the union.

Expert we award a scholarship to me ready to work on the remodeling of the building, two members of our congregation launched to challenge and an offer, that if we were able to raise to $ 100,000, they would complete the rest of the cost for to new construction. The preliminary cost for to new building consisting of two floors, Worship entrance hall on the first floor and classrooms on the second floor, is calculated around $ 200,000.

These plows not the best economic steal for this project, but the church is full of enthusiasm and confident that our Lord is powerful to provide resides abundantly than what we ask for or understand. The Pro Fund Building Committee is initiated to seriesof activities to raise $ 50,000 that is needed to complete our goal.

Meanwhile, we have executed to series of steps with government obtain, achieving correspondent permits for the installation of utilities and permit of use.

The greatest challenge is still aheadTogether we will attain it.

Through God we shall do valiantly.” Psalm 60:12

In #340 of this corner of the Urban development New Port in Saint John, Puerto Rico, will be located the new building that will serve as place of meeting and ministerial base of the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church "Jesus it is True" adult cam sites.

Now for us, and he considers any form in which you could help us. Thanks.


In #340 of this corner in the area of Port New in Saint John, Puerto Rico will be located the building that will serve expert our meeting pleases and the ministerial base of the First Inspired-Writing.com.

Pray for us, and consider in whichever way you could help. Thank You.